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Jesus at the Center

All we do, all we plan, all we dream and all we move into revolves around the centrality of Jesus. Everything was created through Him, and He holds all things together.


Deep Worship

We are on a journey to becoming people who worship deeply. This means getting over ourselves and into the beauty and worthiness of Christ.


Blessing Culture

A blessing is speaking good things into the lives of others in the Name of Jesus. We strive to be a people that bless others in all we say and do.


Holy Things

We regularly practice the sacraments of communion and baptism. Once a quarter we celebrate a Family Life Sunday where we focus the entire service on the act of receiving the Lord’s Supper as family and friends together. We also delight in baptizing believers as an outward sign of an inward act.


The Bible

The Word of God informs and instructs all that we are. Our messages on Sunday are fresh and relevant, centered in the Bible, and preceded by prayer.


How We Live

We believe in a powerful, transformational relationship with Jesus Christ that empowers us to live vibrant and abundant lives. By grace, He empowers us to live in generosity, grace, mercy, peace and love.



If we fail to love, we fail. Though we struggle to get this right, our heart cry to is love God with all that we are, and love people extravagantly.



We believe in community, and we love our community. As we stay aware of what is going on in our town, we seek to be active in the good things happening here, and loyal servants to the needs all around us. With Jesus as our center, and compelled by a determination to love beyond reason,we are growing stronger and better at putting our faith into action daily..


More About Our Beliefs

If you would like a more thorough look into the doctrine of the Free Methodist Church, we invite you to click here.