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Jesus at the Center

Because everything was created through Him, and He holds all things together, we strive to keep Jesus at the center of everything we dream, plan and do.

Deep Worship

We encourage all who worship with us to enter into a time of praising and glorifying God through prayer, music, scripture and biblical preaching. This means opening our hearts and minds to what God has for each one of us. We are on a journey to become people who worship deeply. 

Holy Things

We practice the sacrament of communion on a quarterly basis and at other times as the church leadership desires.                                                                   

We also delight in the sacrament of baptism as an outward sign signifying the inward act of declaring faith in Jesus Christ as Savior . This is done as the need arises.

The Bible

We believe that the Bible is God’s written word, uniquely inspired be the Holy Spirit. The Bible has authority over all human life. It teaches the truth about God, His creation,and the destiny of all mankind. It also teaches how to have a life of faith and the way to salvation through Jesus Christ.


How We Live

We are all created in His image and are given the freedom to choose between good and evil as described in the Bible. We are called to live in a way that honors God in all we do and say. We believe that we cannot live according to God’s will by relying on our own abilities. It is only through the Grace of God, the moving of the Holy Spirit and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that we are equipped to live the abundant life God calls us to.


Jesus said “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself”. These commands reveal what is best for us in our relationships with God, other people and society as a whole. As we seek to obey God we want to make all who we come in contact with feel loved.


Our vision is to be a healthy, biblical group of people who reach into the community around them to make known God’s call to wholeness through forgiveness and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

More About Our Beliefs

If you would like a more thorough look into the doctrine of the Free Methodist Denomination of Churches, we invite you to  CLICK HERE  or you can stop by HOPE Church and pick up a free brochure.