March 2018 Series: Why Jesus Matters

Family Life Sunday Devotional

In this brief devotional leading up to communion time, Pastor Greg invites us to the table of life, where grief meets hope.

Faultless: How We Are Seen In Jesus

We spend a lot of time wondering what God’s plan is, but what if we were overlooking one of the most basic plans He has for you and me? Jesus matters because of this life-changing element of God’s plan.

Life On Purpose

Jesus matters because we can get trapped in this idea that we have no value or purpose. In Christ, life comes to life.
February 2018 Series: Love Songs
It’s time to restore our marriages and relationships.

Endless Love

There’s one area of our life that permeates our culture, and the church often prefers to stay silent. Have we completely given up and let television and music be the only ones who speak to this important part of who we are? We look to the great Old Testament book, Song of Songs, to discover one…

Loving Our Enemies

Working on our relationships with those we love seems like a natural thing to do. But Jesus told us to also work on our relationships with those we regard as enemies. How do we respond to those who make our lives so difficult? Pastor Taylor takes on this topic in the third installment of our Love Songs…

How Deep Is Your Love

Today, Pastor Greg shares 4 crucial steps to improving our relationships, including marriage, and one crucial ingredient that must flow through them. The result will be moving from dryness and emptyness to life and meaning in these relationships.

Forever and Ever Amen

You need to hear this: you are loved, you are the apple of God’s eye. And because of that, you are free to love in generous ways.