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HOPE 217: Bringing help, hope and healing to a hurting community.

This is the vlog (video blog) of Hope Church; in less than 90 seconds, we take a look at ideas
that express our vision for our community. Please feel free to share these on social media,
use them for group discussions, personal devotions, or as a way to get to know us better.


Sometimes bigger IS better. God is big enough that there are no impossibilities with Him. In Him, we have the privilege of big prayer. Let’s think some big thoughts together as we look at this big life we have in Him.

Better Life

There’s enough discouraging news today; here’s a series designed to help you rediscover your smile and know the joy of God’s love. Like a fresh breath of spring air, take in a breath of the better life in Jesus – a life of purpose and value.

Our Essentials

Find out more about the mission, vision, purpose and values of Hope Church, and learn how these helpful statements can enhance our walk with Jesus. Hint: there’s a whole lotta love going on here!

Legacy Building

Pastor Greg takes 4 quick looks at things we can do to make an impact that will last. There are some simple ideas here that could help you build a legacy that will make a positive difference in the life of your kids and beyond.

A Fresh Look at John 3:16

While John 3:16 may be one of the most familiar reference points from the Bible, do the ancient words of Jesus it leads you to have any relevance today? We’ll take a fresh look at these words and see how they not only help us see how God views us, they will also help us look at others with new eyes as well.

The Blessing Culture

This series of seven, short clips explores a fundamental value of the Hope Church community. Learn about the power of the blessing to change the world one person at a time. Explore who we are to bless, and why. Find out what a blessing is, and how it can bring life into your relationships, and healing into your marriage.